Okay – Who am I kidding?

I am not a Venture Capitalist; I am a Vision Capitalist. Thanks to my West Coast friends, I have had a successful track record, was bought out four times, and worked with great people at very innovative companies. With 25 years of working on the East Coast for West Coast companies, I understand the differences, expectations and the market and I am able to blend together a business plan that is a win win for all.

As Vision Capitalists, we invest both time and money in innovative companies, recognizing that great opportunities do exist right here in the Baltimore-Dulles Alley (BD Alley). B7 provides market intelligence, assists in the capital raise with both east coast and west coast venture capitalists, recruits and hires talent for local companies and provides business intelligence to companies that are both inside and outside the alley. It is B7’s intent to channel half of our resources in the region.

B7 provides market information and insights that help our clients make more effective decisions while in early stage development and untapping value in embedded investments. B7's mission is to find, vet, build and market emerging technologies that are primarily in the BD Alley.

Transforming the BD Alley.

If we choose to lay aside parochial ambitions and look at the greater good, we have an opportunity to transform the alley and create an eco–system that will support and operate in one of the richest and deepest technology wells of knowledge in the country. Our nation was built to transform, adapt and innovate. B7 will work to stimulate that energy and do our part to create a vehicle and culture for inspiration and innovation.